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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Military Wives...from Great Ann Taylor

A friend sent me this clip and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I will venture to say one of the most difficult things a spouse must do is watch their husband/wife leave home as they are called up to duty.  The heart wrenching role of being the spouse to a military man/woman is such a difficult one.  These women have taken that role and made themselves active participants, working WITH their husbands.  They can't physically be with their husband so they do the next best thing--show their support in a very public, loving way.

Turn up the volume and listen.  Also, watch the video, these women are helping their husbands and you can see the pride in their faces for their spouses.  If you can watch this, WITHOUT shedding a tear, you must be missing some emotional hard wire.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Politics Aside by Michael Cristo

All kidding and politics aside, this town deserves to have it's finances handled properly and not like a game of Risk.

The budget is to be approved by Nov. 20th.  That apparently was not done properly as evidenced by the board's own admission.  In the final budget they adopted, they lowered the Supervisor's salary and raise the receiver of taxes, both of which can not be done in the manner in which they were done, rendering the final budget... let us say, not adopted properly.

The cleanest way to rectify all of this is for the board to simply acknowledge, by resolution at an emergency meeting,  that due to... administrative details that were overlooked in the final budget, by law, the preliminary budget is automatically adopted as submitted.

If we can all hold hands across the town for this one seemingly simple solution in bi-partisan fashion, cast no blame or aspersions and simply do what is right by the residents of this town, perhaps we can get back to normal.

This is a simple solution that should be encouraged by any attorney.  I have every confidence that any action to the contrary will cloud the board for the foreseeable future, because to the average bear, it just looks like you are trying to cover something up, do something wrong or play games.

We don't deserve games.  I am prepared to contact the OSC myself on Monday.  There is a phone number for elected officials to call to ensure the the process is followed.  If no one elected in this town will stand up and fix this mess, I will gladly do it with the support of a number of people who care not about republicans OR democrats, rather just doing what is right.

As a Legislator, I believe I have a duty to act in the best interest of all residents.  I will publish this post in the advertiser next week if need be and implore everyone to stop playing games with the people's money and just follow the law.  No need to create full time positions, no need to make back room deals.  Accept responsibility for your actions, please!  Just do what is right.  That is a bi-partisan effort I think we all would applaud!
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