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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Sign of the Ann Taylor

No politics, nothing controversial, just a simple post...kind of....

Has anyone else noticed all the signs littering the lawns and power poles.  This is not an issue known only to East's everywhere.  When I drive on Rt 4 and see LAST YEAR'S HAUNTED HOUSE SIGNS ATTACHED TO THE POWER POLES it's an eye sore.  TAKE THEM DOWN!  Once the event is over take your sign down.  It's not difficult, you put them up, you take them down. 

It's bad enough we have to deal with heavy traffic on Rt 4 and abandoned buildings on Columbia Tpke.  We should not be subjected to haunted house signs that are a year old.

And the garage sale signs--once your sale is over, take the signs down.  It's a simple courtesy that should be practiced.  

If you are involved in an organization that is hosting a fundraiser you are welcome to post the event BUT once it's over, take the sign down.  Seeing a sign for last May's Brooks BBQ is just ridiculous. 

And the sandwich board signs advertising a school event....let's just say that when May hits I don't want to see a sign at Couse Corners advertising for the school's MARCH show.  Take the sign down! 

Sorry but enough is enough already with the old signs and something needed to be said.  Your thoughts?
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